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Bremen Public Library

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Text Alerts to mobile phone

Text Notifications, Powered by Shoutbomb!

This free text messaging service will allow you to receive text notices about available holds, items that are due soon, and overdue items. You will be able to renew eligible items via text message and you can even add multiple cards to get all of your family's notices in one place.

How it Works

  1. Text SIGNUP to

  2. Reply to the prompt asking for your barcode number. This is a 14-digit number located on the back of your library card and begins with 23014.

  3. Reply to the prompt asking for your PIN number. If you do not remember your PIN number, you can reset it by calling the library at 574-546-2849.

  4. When your registration is complete, you will receive several confirmation messages.

Types of Alerts

  1. Hold Notices: A text alert is sent when an item you requested is ready for pickup. The message will display a portion of the title and indicate the pickup location.

  2. Courtesy Notices: A text alert is sent three days before an item is due. Items eligible for renewal may be renewed by following the instructions in the alert.

  3. Overdue Notices: Overdue alerts are sent the day an item becomes overdue. Items eligible for renewal may be renewed by following the instructions in the alert.


MYBOOKS: Request the current status of all your library items.
ADDCARD: Add library cards to your notifications.
IOWEU: Request the current fines on your account.
MYCARDS: Display all cards linked to your phone number.
SWITCHPHONE: Update your phone number or carrier.
DROPCARD: Cancel text notices for a card.
HELP: Get information about Shoutbomb commands.
RESEND: Get the last message from Shoutbomb.
NOTICES: See your current on/off settings.
HOLDS: Turn your hold alerts on/off.
RENEW: Renew a specific item.
OVERDUE: Turn your overdue alerts on/off.
HL: Get a list of holds that are ready for pick-up.
RL: Get a list of items that are eligible to renew.
RA: Renew all of your eligible items.
OL: Get a list of overdue items.

If you need help, or have questions, call the library 574-546-2849.