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Civil War Veterans from Bremen and Community

Compiled by the Bremen Public Library, Bremen, Indiana

This list was initiated by extracting records from our obituary database where mention was made of the individual serving in the Civil War. Additional sources were 1902, 1909, and 2001 veteran memorial listings from the Bremen Enquirer. If you know of a Civil War veteran from Bremen that we have not included on this list, or have additional information on a veteran that you would like to share, please contact us and provide information so that we may honor the veteran on this list.

Where noted, regiment information was provided by Derek Jensen using either NPS, the National Park Service Soldiers and Sailors Database, or ADJ, various volumes of the 1865 Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana. Information not available in the obituary, or otherwise annotated, was taken from the veteran's memorial listing on Findagrave.

Veteran Regiment Co. Birth-Death
?, Daniel S. (Perhaps this is Daniel Starner?) 79 Ohio Inf     Bremen Cemetery per 2001 article
Anonymous 7 Ind Cav E   Bremen Cemetery per 2001 article
Annis, Lorenzo 29 Ind Inf K 1841-1900Bremen Cemetery
Annis, William 29 Ind Inf ADJ K 1843-1927Lambs Settlement, Union Township, St. Joseph County
Arch, Nicholas 4 Mich Cav   -1908Bremen Cemetery
Avery, Lucius ? Penn inf   -1906Bremen Cemetery
Babb, John W. (Gabb in 2001 article) 10 Iowa Inf B no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Baker, Henry 17 Ind Inf ADJ G -1916Bourbon area
Baker, Jacob 107 Ohio Inf F 1842-1897Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Balsley, George 15 Ind Lt Art   1840-1907Huff Cemetery
Balsley, Joseph 42 Ind Inf E 1842-1914Bremen Cemetery
Bates, James 26 Ind Inf ADJ   1835-1923 Bremen Cemetery
Baxter, Joseph 20 Ind Inf C -1895Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Bayes, Thomas (Bayers in 2001 article) 68 Ohio Inf per wife's pension app  

died in 1874 per obituary of Mrs. Sarah Bayes Stine

Bremen Cemetery per 1909 article
Becker, Jacob 107 Ohio Inf C & D 1835-1895, no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 2001 article
Bellman, Christian 48 Ind Inf H 1842-1919Bremen Cemetery
Bellman, John Andrew 48 Ind Inf H 1838-1903Bremen Cemetery
Black, Benjamin 100 Ohio Inf   1830-1901Bremen Cemetery
Blue, Mike (Blew) 29 Ind Inf D -1898 Ewald Cemetery
Botset, Henry 20 Ind Inf C 1831-1888 no obituaryEwald Cemetery per 1909 article
Bowser, David 2 Ind Cav M 1835-1926Bremen Cemetery
Brillhart, Abraham 136 Ohio Inf D -1904Bourbon area
Brown, George
not certain if this is the same George Brown listed in the 1902 article
38 Ohio Inf B -1889Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Burgener, Henry 29 Ind Inf K -1929Greenwood Cemetery, Newton, Kansas
Burgraff, Adam 29 Ind Inf K 1830-1911Bremen Cemetery
Conrad, Jacob 30 Ind Inf E 1827-1916Hepton Union Cemetery, Kosciusko County
Davis, James 30 Ind Inf K 1839-1910Bremen Cemetery
DeVore, Elijah 191 Ohio Inf NPS H -1921Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Bourbon
Dietrich, Chris 29 Ind Inf ADJ K no obituary - died of starvation in Libby Prison per 1935 Bremen history article Died July 11, 1865 in Andersonville prison per ADJ
Dietrich, Peter 29 Ind Inf ADJ K no obituary - Died in a war hospital per 1935 Bremen history article Died at Camp Wood, KY Jan 31, 1862 per ADJ. Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Dowell, James     -Fair Cemetery, North Liberty, St. Joseph County
Ellis, Calvin 42 Ind Inf E 1838-1879, no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Ewald, Valentine 7 Ind Inf ADJ E -1922Plymouth ?
Fink, Martin Navy   1818-1888Bremen Cemetery per 2001 article
Fisher, Peter 128 Ind Inf D 1843-1933Bremen Cemetery
Flory, Levi 23 Ind Inf G 1829-1888buried in Mishawaka per 1909 article, Mishawaka City Cemetery
Forsythe, Charles 101 Ohio Inf. C 1832-1906Fair Cemetery
Fries, Jacob 29 Ind Inf K 1841-1906Bremen Cemetery
Gabb, J. (see John Babb)        
Gerard, Stephen 12 Ind Inf A 1844-1920IOOF Cemetery, Bourbon
Gerber, Louis unknown   1849-1885 buried in Bremen per 2001 article
Ging, Jacob 29 Ind Inf K no obituary unknown
Gordon, Philip 88 Ind Inf ? K 1840-1916South Union Cemetery, Elkhart County
Graves, Thomas     -1895Wood National Cemetery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Hans, Adam 15 Ind Lt Art   -1906Concordia Lutheran Cemetery, Fort Wayne
Hardzog, Christ 29 Ind Inf K Killed in 1863, no obituaryNational Cemetery, Chattanooga, TN. See 1909 article.
Hardzog, Peter 15 Ind Lt Art   1829-1898Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Harris, John W. 74 Ind Inf F no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Hartsock, Henry 29 Ind Inf ADJ K -1910Winfield , Kansas
Hathaway, Peter 128 Ind Inf ADJ D -1894Lakeville Cemetery
Heckaman, Emanuel Ohio Inf   1843-1926Bremen Cemetery
Heckaman, John 42 Ind Inf F 1834-1896Bremen Cemetery
Helmlinger, Philip 58 ind Inf D 1840-1922Bremen Cemetery
Heminger, James 13 Ind Cav K 1846-1910Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth
Hemminger, John
(Heinger in 2001 article)
128 Ind Inf D born 1826, no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Heminger, John H. 68 Ind Inf F 1845-1920Bremen Cemetery per 2001 article Although that article gives 1923 as year of death, headstone is 1920.
Hemminger, J. W.
not certain if this is the same J. W. Hemminger listed in the 1902 article
    -1886Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Hepler, Jacob 60 Ind Inf H -1863Died in St. Louis, MO - UNKNOWN CEMETERY
Hepler, Samuel J. 74 Ind Inf F no obituaryUnknown
Hess, Ezra 21st Battery, Indiana Light Artillery   1835-1863 Killed by a powder explosion in Tennessee. Hess Cemetery, Elkhart County
Hetzel, John J. 122 Ohio Inf F 1827-1907Bremen Cemetery per 2001 article
Hoffman, James     -1897Union Cemetery (Elkhart County ?) per 1909 article
Hoople, Charles 10 Mich Cav I 1845-1916Bremen Cemetery
Hume, Joseph     per 1935 Bremen history article. unknown
Hummel, Henry 19 Ohio Inf F -1904St. Johns Lutheran Cemetery, St. Joseph County
Johnston, Eleazar 42 Ind Inf C 1810-1885Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Jones, Cyrus     -1895UNKNOWN CEMETERY
Kanegar, Philip 42 Ind Inf F 1832-1903Bremen Cemetery
Kauffman, David     1839-1923Bremen Cemetery
Kaufman, George     -1911Ewald Cemetery
Kaufman, Jacob 20 Ind Inf F 1838-1914Bremen Cemetery
Kaufman, John     -1914UNKNOWN CEMETERY
Kendall, William 73 Ind Inf D 1841-1903Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth
Keyser, Moses
listed as Moses Kiser in 1902 article
15 Ind Lt Art   1825-1893Bremen Cemetery 2001 article gives birth and death as 1832-1903
Kizer, Daniel 128 Ind Vol D -1864 no obituary, see Civil War Pension File WC92648Huff Cemetery
Knepp, Henry 42 Ind Inf F 1831-1909Sandridge Cemetery, Bourbon
Knepp, Jonathan 21 Ind Inf Lt Art   1840-1902Fair Cemetery, North Liberty, St. Joseph County
Knoblock, Andrew Jackson 29 Ind Inf K 1838-1921Bremen Cemetery
Koontz, Frederick 20 Ind Inf ADJ C 1838-1894Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth
Kuntz, Adam 15 Ind Lt Art   1838-1923Bremen Cemetery
Lane, J. S. (James) 23 Ind Inf C no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1909 article
Laudeman, Samuel 29 Ind Inf ADJ K 1838-1921Bremen Cemetery
Leed, Gerhard 76 Ohio Inf I 1832-1906Bremen Cemetery
Lehr, Charles telegraph operator   1831-1890Bremen Cemetery
Lehr, Charles Harvey 29 Ind Inf K 1842-1918buried in Bremen per 2001 article
Lightner, William 169 Ohio Inf H 1849-1903Bremen Cemetery
Lonzo, Moses 72 Ind Inf   1822-1891Union Cemetery, Lakeville, St. Joseph County per 1909 article
Low, Joseph     1838-1911Poplar Grove Cemetery, Culver
Macklin, W. M.     no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1909 article
Macklin, William     1842-1890Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Macomber, Elijah 29 Ind Inf B no obituary - mortally wounded at Chicamauga per brother's obituary Possibly in New Paris, Indiana
Mann, Jasper 3rd Ohio Inf I 1843-1911Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia
Mann, Thomas 31 Ind Inf   1833-1907Cook County, Illinois
Matz, John     -1877 Bremen Cemetery
McBays, Thomas (possibly Thomas Bayes)     no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Merrill, Mahlon Wallace 42 Ind Inf H 1829-1865, no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Meyers, John (See Myers)       
Miller, Eli H.     1842-1906Bremen Cemetery
Miller, Jesse 58 Ind Inf I 1836-1921Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth
Miller, John Valentine
1 Ind Cav
(28 Reg)
L 1836-1895Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article, listed as Valentine Miller in 1909 article
Miller, Michael

29 Ind Inf
17 Ind Inf


-1891Ewald Cemetery per 1909 article
Mishler, Joseph 42 Ind Inf D 1841-1927 Bremen Cemetery
Motz, John (See Matz)       
Myers, John 23 Ind Inf C 1838-1908buried in Bremen per 2001 article
Odiorne, Leonard 128 Ind Inf   1837-1904 Lakeville Cemetery
Overholt, Isaac 100 Ind Inf   1840-1908Union Church Cemetery, southwest of Wakarusa
Perry, Oliver 155 Ind Inf   1835-1919Bremen Cemetery
Place, Hurom 99 Ohio Inf B 1845-1915Bremen Cemetery
Place, John L. 21 Ohio Inf B 1840-1882, no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Ream, Charles 29 Ind Inf ADJ K 1838-1916 Bowman Cemetery, South Bend
Ringle, George 29 Ind Inf K 1843-1927 Bremen Cemetery
Robinson, James Harvey 155 Ind Inf H died 1873, no obituaryEwald Cemetery
Robinson, James R.     1835-1898Ewald Cemetery
Rodenberger, David Ohio Inf   1814-1914Mount Zion Cemetery, LaPaz, IN
Roeder, John B. 23 Ind Inf K 1839-1926 Bremen Cemetery
Roose, Jesse 23 Ind Inf E 1839-1900Bremen Cemetery
Rulo, George 12 Iowa Inf NPS A 1835-1907Los Angeles, California
Schlammer (Schlemmer), John 48 Ind Inf F 1841-1924, no obituary buried in Bremen per 2001 article
Schweisberger, George 23 Ind Inf G 1842-1882, no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Seiler, Christian 29 Ind Inf K 1838-1914Bremen Cemetery
Sellers, William 38 Ohio Inf K 1832-1899Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Selner, Peter 180 Ohio Inf   1825-1923Olive Cemetery, north of Wakarusa
Shafer, John 101 Ohio Reg I 1843-1900Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Shaffer, Benjamin 74 Ind Inf F 1844-1912 Bremen Cemetery per 2001 article (Co & Rgt from obituary and pension app.)
Shenefield, Emery 40 Wisc Inf NPS E 1839-1912Bremen Cemetery
Shriner, George last name spelled Schriner in obituary 120 Ohio Inf F 1835-1921 Bremen Cemetery
Slough, Peter 35 Ind Inf A 1839-1910Lambs Settlement, Union Township, St. Joseph County
Sluss, Isaac 107 Ohio Inf H 1843-1901Fair Cemetery, North Liberty, St. Joseph County
Smith, David C.     1841-1921 Oak Hill Cemetery, Plymouth
Smith, Peter 22 Ind Inf   1827-1893Ewald Cemetery per 1909 article
Snyder, Amos 40 Wisc Inf E 1837-1921 Bremen Cemetery
Starner, Samuel or Daniel 19 Ohio Inf F Died 18 Jun 1893, no obituary, June 1893 Bremen newspaper is not available
(Mrs. Daniel Starner obituary)
Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article, Daniel Starner in 1909 article, Records of Headstones of Deceased Union Veterans FamilySearch
Stilson, Asher 73 Ind Inf NPS A 1835-1916Woodlawn Cemetery, Walkerton
Stuntz, John 42 Ind Inf ADJ H 1821-1900Ewald Cemetery
Teal, Joseph 88 Ind Inf NPS B -1901Oak Park Cemetery, Ligonier
Tedrow, Solomon 141 Ohio Inf NPS B 1832-1907Bremen Cemetery per 1909 article
Tripp, Rolando 136 Ind Inf NPS D -1921Danville National Cemetery, Illinois
Ungry, George     1837-1907Bremen Cemetery
Unruh, Abraham 53 Ill Inf F 1840-1912Wisconsin Veterans Memorial Cemetery
Usselman, Joseph     -1907St. Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Mishawaka
VanSkyhawk, Lewis 140 Ind Inf NPS F 1848-1921Riverside Cem, Menominee, MI
VanSkyhawk, William 119 7th Cav E 1818-1894Bremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Vinnedge, Adam Leander 29 Ind Inf ADJ K 1844-1863Chattanooga National Cemetery
Vinnedge, Alex 155 Ind Inf ADJ B 1823-1890Fairmont Cemetery
Vogeli, Peter Ind Lt Art - bugler NPS   1839-1893, no obituaryBremen Cemetery per 1902 article
Vollmer, Phillip Jacob 148 Ind Inf I 1832-1903Bremen Cemetery per 1909 article
Wagley, Frederick 29 Ind Inf ADJ K no obitDied in rebel prison
Wagley, Gottlieb 29 Ind Inf ADJ K no obitUNKNOWN CEMETERY
Wareham, William 49 Ohio Inf K 1845-1915Bremen Cemetery
Warren, Sylvester 60 Ind Inf   1840-1909Randolph County, IN
Weedling, Lewis 115 Ohio Inf B 1841-1910Nighthart Cemetery
Weeks, Joseph 58 Ind Inf I 1842-1917 Bremen Cemetery 2001 article
Weil, George
last surviving veteran in this community
29 Ind Inf K 1840-1929Bremen Cemetery
Weiss, John 138 Ind Inf H 1844-1916Bremen Cemetery
Wort, George 100 Ind Inf K 1846-1919Hicksville, Ohio
Yockey, Christopher 15 Ind Lt Art   1838-1924Bremen Cemetery
Yost, Lawrence 73 Ind Inf D -1914 Bremen Cemetery

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