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Baby Book Dedication

Dear Parent,

Congratulations! Bremen Public Library would like to recognize your child's birth by dedicating a book to your child. There is a tradition at Bremen Public Library to dedicate a book to any child that is born when the family resides in German Township/Bremen. Parents are asked to contact the library. We will notify you when your child's book is ready and your family can be the first to check out the book. We will then keep the book here to be checked out by other children through the years. Some families check out their child's book every year at their birthday. When we withdraw the book, it will be your child's to keep. We ask that you keep us informed if your address or phone number changes so that we can contact you when we do withdraw the book. We will also send you some helpful suggestions to help your child get ready to read.

What do you need to do get your child's book? It is as simple as filling out our online Baby Book Dedication Request form and submitting it to the library. If you prefer, you can fill out a form in person in our Children's Department.